Meeting of the Swiss Mathematical Society:

Recent advances in loop models and height functions

September 2 - 4, 2019, Fribourg, Switzerland

Organiser: Ioan Manolescu

Last update: April 8th 2019

Models involving loops and height functions have witnessed important advances in the last years. This workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers involved with these models to present their recent results and draw a road map for the future of the field

Talks will start Monday at 10:20 and will end Wednesday at 16:30. The program will be light, with time allowed for discussions.
Vincent Beffara (University of Grenoble)
Nishant Chandgotia (University of Jerusalem)*
Nick Crawford (Technion)
Hugo Duminil-Copin (University of Geneva & IHES)
Alexander Glazmann (Tel Aviv University)
Matan Harel (Tel Aviv University)
Marcin Lis (University of Vienna)
Paul Melotti (University of Fribourg)
Sebastien Ott (University of Geneva)
Ron Peled (Tel Aviv University)
Aran Raoufi (ETH)
Gourab Ray (University of Victoria)*
Yinon Spinka (Tel Aviv University)*
Lorenzo Taggi ( University of Bath )
Martin Tassy ( Dartmouth College )

* to be confirmed
The list of abstracts is partial and subject to changes. If you are a speaker or wish to speak in the conference, please send a title and abstract to
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Acommodation: Rooms have been reserved in Hotel Alpha

Directions: Direct trains are available from Geneva or Zurich airports; it takes around 1h30 from either. Tickets and schedules are avaiblable online at The hotel is next to the station. The campus of the university is 15 minutes walking from the hotel. Alternatively, one may take a bus (numbers 1,3,7 or 9) to Perolles Charmettes; tickets for the bus are provided by the hotel. See this map.

Blackboard vs. beamer: Both blackboard and beamer talks are welcome.

Wireless internet: The hotel provides wifi. The university provides wifi through the eduroam system. Alternatively, ask the organiser to set up an account for you.

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