Applied Probability

My research is centered around stochastic models arising in   ecology and systems biology. I  work on biological networks, complex ecosystems and mathematical models of plant growth.


Mathematical Biology Group

Mathematical modelling is becoming more and more instrumental in life sciences; the data complexity and the high number of interacting components, from molecules to animals, render intuitive reasoning very difficult. The idea consists in formulating mathematically how certain biological units affect each other and how these interactions affect the whole system. Such quantitative approaches produce mathematical models which are then implemented using computer software. We study phyllotaxis by trying, for example, to explain the formation of geometrically regular patterns in plants like spirals in sunflowers. We also focus on the structural stability of complex ecosystems; in this setting, we try to understand how the topologies of complex biological networks affect persistence and biodiversity. I work on these topics with my PhD students  Linard Hoessly, Lucia de Andres and Xavier Richard.


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