Recent works

Long time behavior of the solutions to non-linear Kraichnan equations, with Alice Guionnet, Probability Theory and Related Fields

Limiting dynamics for spherical models of spin glasses at at high temperature, with Amir Dembo and Alice Guionnet.  The Journal of Statistical Physics

Robustness analysis and convergence of empirical finite-time ruin probabilities and estimation risk, with Stéphane Loisel and Didier Rullière

Statistical significance of quantitative PCR, with Yann Karlen, Alan McNair, Sébastien Perséguers and Nicolas Mermod  

Steady state expression of self-regulated genes, with Thomas Fournier, Jean-Pierre Gabriel, José Galbete, Jérôme Pasquier and Nicolas Mermod

Some remarks on Betti numbers of random polygon spaces, with Clément Dombry
Grassmannian  Estimation, with Claude Auderset and Ernst Ruh

Stochastic models and numerical algorithms for a class of regulatory gene networks, with Thomas Fournier, Jean-Pierre Gabriel, José Galbete, Jérôme Pasquier and Nicolas Mermod, to appear in Bulletin of Mathematical biology

Plantes, spirales et nombre: les plantes font-elles des maths?, with Chrystel Feller and Florence Yerly. Bulletin de la Société Fribourgeoise des Sciences Naturelles (99)(2010)

Phenotypic diversity and population growth in fluctuating environments: a MBPRE approach, with Clément Dombry and Vincent Bansay. To appear in the Journal of Applied Probability (2011).

Modelling Food Webs: Exploring Unexplained Structure Using Latent Traits. R. Rohr, H.Scherer, P. Kehrli, C. Mazza and L-F. Bersier. The American Naturalist,  2010, 176 (2): 170-177

As the world turns: Short-term human spatial memory in egocentric and allocentric coordinates. To appear in Behavioural Brain Research, 2011.

Nuclear factor I revealed as family of promoter binding transcription activators. BMC Genomics 2011. 12:181

High-level transgene expression by homologous recombination-mediated gene transfer. Nucl. Acids. Res. (2011)

Pattern formation in auxin flux. J. Math. Biol. (2014). 68:879--909

Matching-centrality decomposition and the forecasting of new links in networks. Arxiv: 1310.4633 (2013). Proc. R. Soc. B 283. 2016

Fast change detection on proportional two-population hazard rates. N. El Karoui, S. Loisel, Y. Salhi and C. Mazza. Working paper (2013)

Self-Organization of Plant Vascular Systems: Claims and Counter-Claims about the Flux-Based Auxin Transport Model. PLOS ONE (2015).

Ultrasensitivity and sharp threshold theorems for multisite systems. ArXiv 2015. J. Phys. A: Mathematical and Theoretical (2017). 

The Effect of Gap Junctional Coupling on the Spatiotemporal Patterns of Ca2+ Signals and the Harmonization of Ca2+-Related Cellular Responses. PLOS Computational Biology (2016)

Quantitative chemical biosensing by bacterial chemotaxis in microfluidic chips. Environmental Microbiology (2017)

Statistical  Approaches for Inferring and Predicting Food-Web Architectures. Cambridge University Press (2017)

The feasibility of equilibria in large ecosystems: a primary but neglected concept in the complexity-stability debate. PLOS Computational Biology (2018)

Mathematical modelling of navigational decisions based on intensity versus directionality in Drosophila larval phototaxis. BioRXiv (2018)

Mean field repulsive Kuramoto models: Phase locking and spatial signs. ArXiv (2018)


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