Symmetries in Geometry & Topology 2008

July 3-5, 2008

University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Department of Mathematics
Lecture Room 0.110, Biology Building


Thursday July 3
13:30-14:30Roger Bielawski (Leeds): Generalised and asymptotic symmetries of hyperkaehler manifolds
15:00-16:00Andrew Dancer (Oxford): Ricci solitons with large symmetry group
16:15-17:00Manuel Amann (Münster): An "all-round" view to positive quaternion Kaehler geometry
17:15-18:00Frank Reidegeld (Dortmund): Spin(7)-manifolds of cohomogeneity one
Friday July 4
9:30-10:30Volker Puppe (Konstanz): Involutions on 3-manifolds and self-dual, binary codes
11:00-12:00Andras Szenes (Genève): The cohomology of representation varieties
14:00-15:00Bernhard Hanke (LMU München): The stable rank of symmetry of Sn1 x ... x Snk
15:30-16:15Michael Wiemeler (Fribourg): Torus manifolds with non-abelian symmetries
16:30-17:15Gregor Weingart (Cuernavaca): About the Spectrum of the Dirac Operator on Normal Homogeneous Spaces
18:30 Conference Dinner
Saturday July 5
9:30-10:30Fuquan Fang (CNU Beijing): 5-manifold with positively pinched sectional curvature
11:00-12:00Lorenz Schwachhöfer (Dortmund): Manifolds with nonnegative curvature
12:15-13:15Burkhard Wilking (Münster): Nonnegatively curved manifolds with symmetries

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