The Lunchtime Seminar provides an opportunity for both advanced and junior researchers to acquire cutting edge knowledge from national as well as international recognized scholars. Students involved in the different programs of the department are also invited to attend the seminars. Except that of presenting cutting edge research, the Lunchtime Seminar aims at addressing issues in the very diversity of psychology. From clinical psychology to industrial psychology, from neurosciences to psycholinguistics, we provide advanced and junior researchers with top-of-the-range conferences.
Beside the obvious scientific contribution of these conferences, they also set an interesting platform for future collaboration between our department and other department at the national as well as the international level. As such, we strongly encourage members of the Department of Psychology to suggest with names of internationally recognized scholars with whom they wish to collaborate in present as well as future research projects.

The Lunchtime Seminar is organized by Pascal Gygax and Andreas Sonderegger with the generous support of the Faculty Action Funds of the Faculty of Humanities.

Programme for the Spring Semester 2020

The Lunchtime Seminar takes place from 12h05 (sharp) to 13h in room S-0.113 (Regina Mundi building).

Date Guest Speaker Title
27.02.2020 TBD TBD
12.03.2020 Michael Burtscher (ZHAW Angewandte Psychologie) Digital data to conceptualize team processes: What works, What doesn't, What's promising?
26.03.2020 Patrick Neff (University of Salzburg) Neurofeedback in 2020 - Quo Vadis?
02.04.2020 Mareike Hülsemann (Université de Fribourg) TBD
09.04.2020 Lucas Spierer (Université de Fribourg) TBD
07.05.2020 Benjamin Kowialiewski (University of Grenobles) The nature of linguistic long-term memory effects in verbal working memory.
14.05.2020 Jais Adam-Troian (Istanbul Bilgi University) The motivationnal underpinnings of conspiracy beliefs: from social contexts to culture.

Programme of the Autumn Semester 2019

Date Guest Speaker Title
17.10.2019 Simon Faghel-Soubeyrand (Université de Montréal) Exploring idiosyncratic visual representations with decoding analysis and psychophysical data.
31.10.2019 Ahmad Abu-Akel (Université de Lausanne) Some 'deeper' issues to consider for the autism-psychosis diametric model: Tradeoff versus co-occurrence.
14.11.2019 Petra Schmid (ETH Zürich) When is performance feedback motivating? The role of experienced power and feedback valence.
28.11.2019 Salomé Kurth (Université de Fribourg) Maturation of sleep rhythm in children: Investigating its function and risks.
05.12.2019 Elham Barzegaran (Université de Fribourg) Cortical sources of Vernier and letter acuities.
12.12.2019 Norbert Semmer (Universität Bern) Stress and resources at the workplace: Concepts, results, implications.