Analysis III-IV

Exercise class: Every Tuesday, 13:15-15:00 in the room PER 08 - 2.52 (salle des mathématiques, bâtiment de physique)

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Hubert Sidler, e-mail:

Office hours:: Thursdays 15-17 in our office, Math 0.108, math main building. We prefer if you ask in advance by e-mail.

Conditions to be satisfied in order to take the exams:
You can solve the series in pairs. No more groups of three are allowed! We encourage you to return your solutions in English, although it is not mandatory.

The new exercises will normally be uploaded on Friday afternoon.
You should have a look at them and try to solve them until the exercise class on Tuesday.
You have to hand them in until Monday, 10 a.m, so one and a half week after receiving them.
We will try to hand them back already on Tuesday during the exercise class, however, we might not always be able to correct them so quickly. In these cases we will return them either during the lecture on Thursday or Friday.


Homework 26
Homework 27
Homework 28
Homework 29
Homework 30
Homework 31
Homework 32
Homework 33
Homework 34
Homework 35
Homework 36
Homework 37

Homework 38

Homework 39
Homework 40
Homework 41
Homework 42

Example and motivation to contour integrals (as a remark to exercise 129, series 32)
Solution to Exercise 132 in Series 32 and a summary on how we proved that holomorphic functions are smooth as real maps
Solution to Exercise 140 in Series 34
Solutions to Series 37

Hints for Series 38

Test December with Solutions

Solutions to Series 38 and Exercises on convergence of integrals