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Fall 2023

















History of American Poetry


Tuesdays 10-12h      MIS 3115





American Essays—Art and Voice, Part One: Beginnings to 1950


Mondays 13-15h     MIS 3014






American Regionalism: The West and the South


Tuesdays 17-19h    MIS 2118







Office coordinates


Office: Miséricorde  

Office hours (during semester): Mondays 15-16h


Office Tel.: (+41) 26 300 79 04





American Literature

team members 



Assistante Docteure



Dr. Aurélie Zurbrügg aurelie.zurbruegg@unifr.ch 


Chargée de cours



Corin Kraft   corin.kraft@unifr.ch






Aybüke Karabiyik   aybueke.karabiyik@unifr.ch 


Practical hints


·         Suggestions: How to begin writing a term paper or a thesis (.pdf)

·         Protocol for the timely completion of a BA or MA thesis (Version: September 2021) (.pdf)

·         For updated MLA Stylesheet instructions, please check out the wonderful resources at OWL, the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (and give them credit if you use them!): http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

·         Reading List for "Oral Exam" option in the Capstone Experience Module, B.A. in American Literature

·          Additional information and submission form for MA thesis from the Dean's office     


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