Department of Mathematics - University of Fribourg

Lecture Course on

Geometric Measure Theory in Banach and Metric Spaces - Fall 2012
Lecturer Prof. Thierry De Pauw, Université Denis Diderot, Paris 7

The course will be taught on the following dates:
  • 25. and 26. September
  • 16. and 17. October, 2012
  • 6. and 7. November, 2012
  • 27. and 28. November, 2012
  • 18. and 19. December, 2012

  • Tuesdays (dates above): 13:15-17:00, Univ. of Fribourg, Building Math II, Room 0.101
  • Wednesdays (dates above): 10:15-12:00 and 13:15 - 17:00, Univ. of Fribourg, Physics Building, Room 2.52

  • Outline of the course:
    In this graduate-level class I will present the modern theory of flat chains with coefficients in an Abelian group G, with emphasis on the ambient space being an arbitrary Banach space. The theory was initiated in Euclidean spaces by W.H. Fleming and recent developments are due to R. Hardt and myself. It is relevant to solving general Plateau type problems with Dirichlet boundary data or in homology classes of some metric spaces.
    I will cover the basic material emphasizing the approximation procedure of flat chains by polyhedral chains, and of Lipschitz maps by PL maps, thereby illustrating the analogy with simplicial homology. Completion with respect to the flat norm adds powerful tools from analysis. As an example, I will treat the theory of slicing of flat chains, originating in differential topology.
    The main results I will prove in detail are the deformation theorem, the compactness theorem, the slice-nullity theorem, the rectifiability theorem, and the isoperimetric inequality.

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