Serge K. Keller

Laird of Dunans Castle, FCD, BF, DAFD (e.g.s.)

Scientific collaborator at Unicom - Communication and Medias at the University of Fribourg.


Portrait of Serge K. Keller
Serge K. Keller (2015)

Hello! My name is Serge K. Keller, FCD, and I'm a scientific and technical journalist, a freelance writer and translator, a graphic designer and desktop publisher, and a webmaster. In other words, I'm a wordsmith and a pixel craftsman — but I'm also a printer of electrons and a web scientist.

I'm a former biologist as well, and used to be a zoo keeper; to this day I've kept a strong interest in natural sciences and I remain a staunch, bearded Darwin groupie.

In my free time, I direct some amateur theatre plays or will occasionally play on stage myself. Photography, bicycle touring, cinema and lots of reading (does the term tsundoku ring a bell?) also count amongst my favourite past-times.

I currently live in Fribourg (the Swiss one), a very nice bilingual city (French/German), but grew up in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. And I love to travel whenever I get the opportunity!

Memberships and affiliations

Scientific and Nature conservation organisations
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Supporter; Friend of Charles Darwin; HMS Beagle Project Supporter .
Standards and Digital rights organisations
EFF Member; ISOC Swiss Chapter Individual Member .
Other societies and organisations
ARCI / AST Supporting Member; Cloud Appreciation Society Member; FIFF Friend; Sherlock Holmes Society of London Member; Théâtre de la Cité de Fribourg Benefactor Member.

Geek Code

Remember the Geek Code? FWIW here's mine:

                -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
                Version: 3.12
                GAT d--(+) s++:++ a+
                C++(++++)$ UL++++@ P(+) L++(+)>+++
                E- W+++$ N* o+ K w@$ !O M+>$ !V
                PS++@ PE@ Y+(++) PGP+
                t+@ 5? X-@ R@ !tv b+++(++++)>$
                !DI D--- G+
                e* h--- r+++ y+++
                ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK----

Need some help decoding it in one go?


If you wish to contact me, I can understand French, Italian, English and German: your choice!

+41 (0)26 300 7013
Bureau 4132
Unicom - Communication et médias
Université de Fribourg
Avenue de l'Europe 20
CH - 1700 Fribourg