Université de Fribourg, Suisse
Faculté des Sciences
Département de mathématiques
Geometric function theory
SA 2016
Patrick Ghanaat MA.3577
Course content

The course provides an introduction to geometric aspects of one-dimensional complex analysis.

Topics: Review of holomorphic functions, Riemann mapping theorem, boundary continuity of conformal maps, prime ends, Riemann surfaces and uniformization, hyperbolic metrics, univalent functions, mapping properties

Exam preparation

Contents and sample questions


Wolfgang Fischer, Ingo Lieb, Ausgewählte Kapitel der Funktionentheorie
Barry Simon, Advanced complex analysis
Reinhold Remmert, Georg Schumacher, Funktionentheorie 2
John Milnor, Dynamics in one complex variable
Edward Collingwood, Arthur J. Lohwater, The theory of cluster sets
Lars Ahlfors, Conformal invariants