Analysis reading seminar 2016   

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Time, place and subjects

The analysis reading seminar will meet on Tuesday at 15:00--17:00 in room Stefan's Office.  

The reading seminar aims covering the following materials in details with also the possibility to read some papers related to the solution of Plateau's problem in metric spaces.
  1. Local currents in metric spaces (Urs Lang, J. Geom. Anal. 2011) 
  2. Integration of Holder forms and currents in snowflake spaces (Roger Zust, Calc. Var. PDE. 2011)
  3. A solution of Gromov's Holder equivalence problem for the Heisenberg group (Roger Zust, arXiv 2016)

Spring 2016, Schedule (local currents on metric spaces)

Here is a rough schedule of the reading seminar.