Geometric Analysis reading seminar   

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Time, place and subjects

The geometric analysis reading seminar will start from June to August 2017. We meet two times per week and decide the time for the next meeting at the end of each meeting.

The reading seminar aims covering the following materials, particularly paper 1, in details with also the possibility to read some papers related to the theory of harmonic mapping in metric spaces with application to rigidity results in geometric group theory.
  1. Harmonic maps into singular spaces and p-adic superrigidity for lattices in groups of rank one (Gromov- Schoen, Inst. Hautes √Čtudes Sci. Publ. Math. 1992) 
  2. Harmonic maps from a simplicial complex and geometric rigidity(Daskalopoulos-Mese, J. Differential Geom. 2008)
  3. Harmonic maps between singular spaces I (Daskalopoulos-Mese, Comm. Anal. Geom. 2010)

Schedule (harmonic mappings between metric spaces)

Here is a rough schedule of the reading seminar. Place: Lonza Math lecture room.